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Bridget 2

Welcome to Dance Traveler!

I’m Bridget. A wild soul and natural born traveler with a passion for dance and a propensity for spontaneity. Originally from Sydney but now living on the road as a wannabe nomad following my heart and my wallet wherever it’ll take me.

My goal for starting a travel blog is to encourage and inspire other women to travel. I quickly realised that there are so many women who would love to travel but just don’t have the information they need to take the plunge and start discovering the world. There are many travel bloggers I look up to in the solo female travel field but I wanted to be a point of difference and follow my love of dance around the world so I created Dance Traveler to sort of merge my two true passions. I hope it takes off!

Join me as I travel around the globe and get inspired to travel with me! Come on ladies… let’s go!

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