Fun in The Desert – Welcome to Vegas Baby!

Fun in The Desert – Welcome to Vegas Baby!


Any first time visitor to Las Vegas needs to know one thing – distance is a serious mirage in this city!

You can easily stand at one end of the Strip, perhaps near the airport if you are staying at the Luxor, for example, and you will gaze in the distance, maybe even from your hotel window – you will see the other end of the Strip, or even just a hotel a few buildings down from you, and you will think that it is an easy stroll.


In terms of mirages, this is the biggest you will come across!

That Strip takes longer to walk down than you will realise, and for that reason you need to think comfort, rather than style!

This slight problem aside, Las Vegas truly is a wonderful destination to visit, whether it’s your first, fifth, or tenth time, and there are always new experiences and attractions to head to. A Vegas show is a production like no other, and finding Vegas show tickets should be high up on your agenda. Of course, you should only ever use reputable sights, such as, or use the hotel Box Office – always avoid ticket touts.

The hotels in Vegas are attractions in their own right, and not just somewhere to sleep. Most large themed hotels have casinos, shops, shows, restaurants, bars, and fantastic facilities in terms of rooms, and it’s really about finding the best deal out there. If you have always dreamed of visiting France, head to the Paris hotel, and if you have always wanted to go to Venice, the Venetian is for you. The Bellagio offers total glitz and glamour, with those iconic fountains of course, whilst Caesar’s Palace and the Luxor take you back in time to ancient Rome and Egypt respectively.

In terms of what to eat, you really can imagine any type of gastronomical delight and then find it when you visit Vegas. A good tip however is to take advantage of breakfast buffets. Not only will you get the choice of some of the most amazing delicacies out there, but you will also be able to fill up for the rest of the day, so you don’t need to refuel until much later on.

All in all, you need to make peace with the fact that your time in Las Vegas is probably going to be very far from relaxing, and you may even feel like you need another holiday afterwards to recover! When you jet back home, look around you at the tired faces in the airport and you will see that Vegas really is a riot in the best possible way!

Packing List for Women in Europe


Packing light can be hard especially when traveling to Europe when the desire to look stylish is quite strong. Putting everything in one bag is hard enough and isn’t any easier when you have to pack nice clothes on top of the necessities. Here are some great ways to make this task less daunting!

How to Choose Your Clothing

  • Mix and Match: Never pack any clothing that can only be used with one other item. Everything you pack should match each other so that you end up having limitless options. It also helps so that you can layer and be comfortable to matter what climate you’re in.
  • Easy Care Clothing: It’s best to bring clothing that doesn’t wrinkle easily or need to be dry-cleaned.
  • Nothing You’ll Wear Once: Anything you bring you should be able to picture yourself wearing it on multiple occasions; otherwise it’s not worth the space.
  • Accessorize: Small accessories can be the perfect way to change up outfits and keep it interesting like a lightweight scarf.
  • Purchase There: You know you’ll end up shopping anyways, so save room in your bag to buy clothes abroad. You’ll be looking as stylish as the locals fast.


  • Four Shirts: It’s best to bring both short and long sleeve shirts depending on the weather of where you are headed.
  • Cardigan: Even in the summer it’s a good idea to have a sweater to put on when it gets cold at night.
  • One or Two Dresses: A great idea is to bring ones that could be worn casually during the day but with the right necklace and make up could be appropriate to go out at night as well.
  • Tank Tops: A few of these are a good idea as they are the most versatile. They can be worn as undershirts, a pajama top, or out on the town on hot days.


  • Dark Jeans: These are stylish any where in the world and great because we all feel great in them!
  • Skirts: I prefer bringing about three skirts since they’re so comfortable and I know that I always like to wear them.
  • Shorts: These are not as common in Europe so I wouldn’t suggest bringing too many, besides of course active ones for hiking and bumming around in at the hostel.

This list could go on and on but you’re getting the idea! There are also a myriad of other items that are needed and we mustn’t forget. Keeping all these clothes clean be tricky but a flexible travel clothesline, laundry soap, and stain remover can help with that.

A sleep sheet, ear plugs, and eye mask will help ensure that you feel clean wherever you’re sleeping and will help you take naps in the middle of the day when you’ve stayed out too late the night before.

A menstrual cup is so useful for travel. While pads and tampons are relatively easy to come across in Europe, you’re better off getting a menstrual cup before you leave home so you don’t need to worry about finding period supplies on the road. Trust me! It’s much easier to bring a cup and not worry about tampons and pads. You can also leave a cup in for 12 hours which is fab for long travel days or busy sightseeing days.

My personal favorite, a notebook. I’m not much of a journal person but for some reason love to write when I’m on the road. I like to paste in ticket stubs or photographs and write a few precious memories from the places I’ve gone. I find that these journals are my most favorite thing I bring back from my travels.

Make sure to follow this short guide and you’ll be sure to tackle Europe like a pro!

Packing for “Girly-Girls”

Packing for “Girly-Girls”

Maybe we have this idea of travelers as being rough, down-to- earth hippies or earth lovers who don’t care about make up or material things. True, this is some people. But not all! There are plenty of us out there who, whether we’re on the road or not, enjoy getting dolled up and don’t want to sacrifice that in order to travel. Believe it or not, you don’t have to. It may not be the exact same as when you’re at home and have your full arsenal of products at your disposal but it’s still possible to pack your bag in a way that will keep you feeling like yourself during your travels.


While packing for style is a priority so is packing for safety. It will be necessary to bring a pair of boots for any outdoor activity to be sure you don’t end up with a sprained ankle or worse during any hiking or horseback riding. In order to save space it’s a good idea to buy a pair that can be worn in the city as well. These are the ones you’ll want to wear on the plane as well since they will be your heaviest.

For hikes that are a bit less difficult you could wear running shoes which can be quite stylish. If you plan to be in warmer climates then make sure to have one pair of flip flops (you’ll especially want these in hostel showers!) and also a dressy pair to wear at night.

Large Plastic Bags

These are great for separating your clothing. I’m sure you’ll be bringing along some of your favorite clothes so you can look your best in all the places you’ll be visiting. The worst is if your nice clothes start to smell like your dirty socks that you’ve also got in your bag. To avoid this, keep your clothes in separate zippered bags.

Pack your Worst Clothes As Well

You’ll likely be doing some shopping while on the road so it’s a good idea to bring some of your older t shirts and clothes that you don’t want anymore. That way once you wear them you can donate them wherever you are. This makes space in your bag and also helps avoid making your bag quite stinky!

Travel Towel

These are a lifesaver. Some hostels will have towels but you will usually have to pay. It’s much better to have your own but make sure it’s a quick drying one. There’s nothing worse than carrying a damp towel in your bag.

Accessories and Makeup

Us girly-girls are not ones to go without these things and there’s no reason we should have to. It’s completely feasible to still bring some makeup and your must-have accessories and products to keep your hair manageable. However, it is important to be realistic and bring only what you truly need.

On You Go!

This list should help with your packing and show you that it’s completely possible to maintain your girly ways while on the road. But the best part, you’ll probably be enjoying your adventures so much anyways that your looks will be far from your mind.

Safest Destinations as a Solo Female Traveler

Safest Destinations as a Solo Female Traveler

While there are many things that can be done to stay safe on the road as a solo female traveler no matter where you are, many people want to know if certain destinations are safer than others. Of course! Some places are much more traveler friendly especially for women. Here are some of my favorites.

Iceland: This country has become a popular destination for many travelers and with good reason. The city of Reykjavik is known to have a great music scene and nightlife. With something always going on, it’s easy to go out and make new friends. Not only that, but Iceland has some of the most stunning natural beauty in the world including glaciers and the infamous Blue Lagoon.

Scandanavia: This includes the countries of Denmark, Norway, and Sweden. While it can be a little chilly, these countries are filled with beautiful architecture. Norway and Denmark have even been ranked as some of the happiest places on earth!

New Zealand: This is the place to go if you’re seeking outdoor adventure. It’s got beaches, fiords, and glaciers all at the tips of your fingertips.

Dubai: This one may surprise you seeing as it’s such a large city. However, Dubai is full of people from a plethora of backgrounds, religions, and nationalities. There’s so much diversity and everyone gets along well so you will fit right in. It’s still important to respect the culture and cover up anywhere other than the beach.

Canada: A country full of breathtaking landscapes and some incredibly fun and happening cities. Canadians are known for being some of the friendliest and you’ll see why quite quickly.

Belgium: One of my favorite countries I’ve traveled to, especially the city of Ghent! You’ll encounter friendly locals who will take you out to some of their favorite pubs and then wake up the next morning and see castles. You can’t go wrong in Belgium, especially with a beer in one hand and chocolate in the other!

Ireland: It would be easy to spend night after night in the pubs of Ireland. The music and the energy is intoxicating, you can’t help but to have fun. I’ve also truly never seen greener grass or breathed fresher air. Keep Ireland at the top of your list!

Bali: With temples, yoga, and beaches you’ll feel relaxed and right at home. It doesn’t hurt that the food and accommodation are incredibly cheap! The culture here is great and with so many travelers being drawn here, you’ll make friends quickly.

Amsterdam: It’s reputation holds true, Amsterdam is a place of happy care-free people. It’s easy to spend the day sitting at cafes or strolling in parks, you’ll never want to leave!

Cruise: These are great with so many organized activities it’s easy to make friends. Not only that, but it’s a stress free way to see many places without having to plan your own itinerary.

This list only names a few of many places to go. No matter where you go just stay smart, be wise, and enjoy yourself! Travel on!

Not So Happy Truths About Traveling Solo as a Female

Not So Happy Truths About Traveling Solo as a Female

I’m all about empowering women to travel solo because I believe it is one of the most amazing things you can do for yourself. However there’s no point pretending it’s all rainbows and butterflies. Acknowledging and being prepared for some of these unfortunate facts will only make you more prepared. If you’re not shocked by some of this then you will be able to handle it better and know that it is not just you, it is common for many women!

People Might Label and Pity You

Not always, but it can happen. There will be times when you are going to eat a meal alone and that’s something many of us are not accustomed to. People may stare at you and wonder why you don’t have someone to eat with.

Friend and family back home may also see your choice to travel as the wrong one. They may personally value a career and having a family first and therefore pity you for not having those things. Ignore it all. Shrug it off. You are learning and experiencing so many things that having a family would not allow you to do. To each their own.

You May Be Held Back

There are certain things that you either can’t, shouldn’t or simply don’t want to do alone. Certain hikes may not be safe for just one person and while you can normally find a buddy, it’s not a guarantee.

It’s also easy to get lazy. You can have big plans for a day but without someone else to push you, it can get easy to let the exhaustion of traveling get to you and just hang out at the hostel for the day. Keep in mind, this isn’t always bad. Your hostel is a great place to meet people and giving yourself time to rest is important while on the road.

Oh, The Rules

As an American, I’m used to a pretty free life as a woman. No, everything is not equal yet but we don’t have as many restrictions as women do in other places in the world. It can be hard going to a country where you are expected to cover your body or behave in a certain way. Let it make you grateful for the freedoms you enjoy and try to not be judgmental of these differences… even as you’re sweating your butt off wearing pants in blazing heat.


This is a Spanish term for the compliments received in many Latin American countries. In other words, it is cat calling. In some countries it’s worse than others and if you’re in a country where your skin and hair look different from the locals then it’s easy to be picked out and harassed. I had a terrible experience in Turkey with this. It was so frustrating walking through the markets that we just ran home immediately. It can be taken as being flattering but eventually it’s just annoying.

Still Go

None of this should hold you back. Traveling alone or with friends is a beautiful thing. When you go home you will not be thinking about the uncomfortable or bad times that you had. You will only remember the amazing parts so just focus on those in the present as much as possible!

How to Travel Safe as a Woman


As a solo female traveler I cant begin to count how many times people have warned me that I shouldn’t be traveling on my own, worried for me, tried to guilt me out of going because of how much my family back home would worry, and overall just tried to stop me. No way did I listen to that. Traveling can be dangerous… as can riding a bike, driving a car, or going to the grocery store for men and women alike anywhere in the world. The world is a dangerous place but it’s also full of kind and helpful strangers. Anything can happen anywhere and this should never stop a woman from traveling on her own!

That’s not to say we shouldn’t be smart about it. There’s no reason to take unnecessary risks and it’s always important to use common sense to stay as safe as possible. Read on to see some of my top tips for staying safe on the road.

1. Research, research, research!

It’s so important, and fun, to research your destinations before you get there. As you’re looking up the best places to eat, sights to see, monuments to stand in awe at, you should be looking up what neighborhoods to avoid, how to pick out a safe taxi and where a good medical center is. When picking out accommodation there are tons of sites nowadays to read reviews from other travelers like yourself to make sure you’re staying somewhere that you will feel happy and safe. The more you read, the better off you’ll be.

2. While on the move, keep valuable close

Realistically, you should be bringing as few valuables as possible but certain things such as a passport are unavoidable. Your passport, camera, phone, wallet, laptop and any other items such as this should be kept in a purse or day bag which you keep with you at all times. These items should never be in your checked luggage on a plane, placed in the luggage storage on a bus or out of your sight in general.

3. Take as little as possible

When you’re walking around the city there’s no reason to bring your entire wallet with you. It’s better to only carry as much as you need and leave the rest locked up at your hostel. Some may have safes but many also have lockers that you can use. Usually you need your own lock, so bring one along!

4. Don’t be too trusting

Unfortunately, there are con artists out there who make it a point to befriend travelers and you must be wary of them. It’s great to make friends and most people out there are genuine, but never put yourself in a vulnerable situation. You should always know where you are and how to get home, avoid isolated areas and never leave your valuables with a new friend at the bar while you run to the bathroom.

5. Stay sober(ish)

It’s great to drink while out exploring a new place but you should never drink so much that you lose control or are unable to keep your wits about you.

6. Blend right in

Normally, great to stand out if you like. But on the road that just makes you a target and there’s no need to do that. Dress as the locals do and make sure that if you’re looking up directions you don’t do so obviously or in a crowded area.

7. Don’t be too cheap

We all want to save money while traveling so that we can see and do as much as possible. But when it comes to the cheap hotel in the scary neighborhood or the slightly more expensive one in a safe area, spend the money.

8. Copies of everything

Things can get stolen unfortunately, it happens. That’s why you should be smart and keep extra copies of important documents like your passport in different places as well as with a friend or family member back home. Following these tips and you’ll be sure to stay as safe as possible. The safer you are the better so you only come home with memories of good times!

10 Things Every Female Traveler Should Know


Women are just as capable, smart, and savvy as men, if not more so! However, we still face different challenges than men on the road. Due to this, there are different things we need to look out for and be aware of. Below are some great tips to keep you safe on your trip and make sure you have the best time ever.

1. Embracing your natural beauty: While on the road you’re not going to have access to all your typical products and accessories. Quite frankly, you won’t even want to be bothered with makeup as you’re off on your adventures! This is the time to fully love your natural beautiful self.

2. Trust your instincts: If you feel like you’re in a bad situation or in danger, listen to yourself. Female intuition is a real thing so embrace it and listen to it.

3. A big scarf is your best friend: It will keep you warm on chilly bus rides, it will block out light when you’re trying to take a nap or serve as the best pillow and you will look stylish wearing it in cold cities!

4. Confidence is key: Not only will this be the best way to make friends but looking and acting confident will help keep you safe. If you look like you know what you’re doing and where you’re going, you will be left alone.

5. For now, heels are not your friend: A lot of love them, but not when you’re walking around new places 10 hours each day. Leave them at home!

6. Traveling with friends is tricky: You can love them to the moon and back but it doesn’t matter traveling with your bffs will be easy. Getting everyone on the same page can be hard and the little things that bother you can be amplified. So….

7. Travel solo: Because it really is amazing. Especially if you go in the off-season you’ll basically only find other solo travelers. This means you’re never lonely, always have a drinking buddy, never lacking to find someone to explore with and can always do exactly what you want to do, when you want to.

8. It’s okay to be scared: This is how you’re going to make the best memories. The feeling after accomplishing something you were terrified to do is like nothing else you will ever feel. Go for it, always.

9. If you can’t carry it, it’s too much: You’re going to be dragging that backpack around with you every few days as you switch cities. If it’s hard to pick up on the first day, it’s only going to feel ten times heavier as your trip goes on. Pack less!

10. You will fall in love: With a person, a city, and a culture. You can be sure that along this journey you’re going to fall in love and find new places in your heart to hold these special people and places.