Girls: Go to Southeast Asia


Thinking about taking your first solo trip? Southeast Asia may not be the first place that comes to mind but it definitely should be. It’s one of the cheapest destinations currently and it’s also a really easy place to make friends to journey with if you’d like. Here are some tidbits to convince you!

Easy on Your Wallet

Solo travel is my favorite travel but it can get kind of expensive since you don’t always have a buddy to split hotel rooms and cab fare with. Southeast Asia is great because everything is so cheap anyways that you won’t even care you don’t have someone to split things with. A day is SE Asia can be as cheap as $20 USD if you want it to be.

Transport is Easy

There’s nothing worse than being somewhere new and being so lost that you can’t even begin to figure out where you are. SE Asia has great public transportation that runs pretty much anywhere and it’s also pretty comfortable. It’s even pretty common to have a bus pick you up at your hostel and take you to the bus station or airport. No more getting lost with your huge pack on your shoulders!

Travelers are Everywhere

This may not be a plus to everyone but especially on your first trip you’ll probably be happy to be somewhere that many travelers flock to. Once you start traveling you’ll also notice that there’s a certain type of backpacker in each area of the world. SE Asia definitely has ones that are ready to meet people and usually party so making friends is a piece of cake.

Rest Assured, You Are Safe

Of course you still need to be cautious no matter where you are since no place in the world is crime free. However, SE Asia feels incredibly safe and most of the time you probably are. It’s all about using your common sense and if you don’t put yourself in a bad situation you probably won’t run into any trouble.

Great Locals

Southeast Asia is incredibly different from the Western world, which makes it fun and interesting. The street food is delicious (and once again, cheap) and the locals are the best. Even if you don’t speak the language they’ll still try to strike up a conversation. I can’t think of a good reason not to go to SE Asia. Whether you’ve got a week to spare or an unlimited amount of time, it’s definitely worth it to get yourself there to experience a brand new culture that is sure to leave an impact on you.

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