Las Vegas Travel Guide for Women


Vegas is probably one of the hottest destinations for Americans and travelers abroad alike. It’s impossible to compare it to anywhere else in the world. Which means… you might be looking for some tips before heading there! It’s a great place to visit and this guide will help ensure you have an excellent time.

Bring Your Walking Shoes

You will definitely be walking around Vegas quite a bit. For me, this is a major plus in a city. In so many places in the US it’s necessary to rent a car to get around but Las Vegas is not one of those places. You can get a taxi if need be but mostly you’ll be walking, so bring good shoes! It’s also blazing hot but the misters on the street help keep it manageable.

It’s Sin City for a Reason

This is not a good place to go if you’re feeling judgmental. You’ll see things happening in Vegas you wouldn’t normally see and people doing these things that probably would be better off somewhere else. It’s okay, take it for what it is and just enjoy the experience. It’s a good time to learn to focus on yourself and not others!

Common Sense

Las Vegas is compact but still a big city and in any city it’s important to use your street smarts. Never go somewhere isolated with a new friend, don’t walk home alone at night (sober or drunk) and hold tight to your valuables at all times. Play it safe and you’ll be fine.


This may not shock other travelers but normally in the states it is illegal to smoke indoors. This law does not exist in Vegas, which can be quite off-putting to some people. Casinos can get especially smoky so if this bothers you, choose where you spend your time carefully.

Get Outside the City

So many beautiful nature areas surround Las Vegas. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the intensity of Las Vegas; it’s hot, expensive, noisy and bright. If you get there and realize this isn’t quite for you, no big deal. It’s not too hard to take a day trip (or three) outside the city to see some other areas. Even if you are loving and embracing Vegas for all that it is, you should still consider this! It’s always nice to diversify a trip. Las Vegas is sure to be a trip that you will not be able to forget. Whether you’re there to celebrate a special event or just wanting to check it out, you will be sure to leave with some interesting memories.

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