The Beach is Where It’s at!

You might be under the rather false assumption than when you visit Sydney, you are simply going to be doing the city break thing, e.g. nightlife, restaurants, culture, shopping etc. Yes, you can do all of this, in fact you can do it in abundance, and you can climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge and check out a performance at the Sydney Opera House too, but you can also head to a stunning beach and chill the hell out, or even learn how to surf!

Sydney is surrounded by fantastic beaches, and they are all very easy to get to. Bondi Beach is of course one of the most famous and iconic beaches in the world, and this is a stone’s throw from the centre of Sydney itself. Sit and watch the professional surfers practising, or you could even give it a go yourself, by taking lessons at the surf school!

Another beachside destination which is certainly very popular is Manly. Head over to Manly on the famous ferry, and tick something off your Sydney bucket list, before truly enjoying everything this vibrant and chilled out area has to offer. There are many outdoor activities in Manly too, and it’s not all about chilling on the beach!

Where you stay is really a personal decision, but you will find a range of accommodation all over the city and surrounding suburbs too. There is also plentiful Manly accommodation on offer, if you want to stay nearer to the beach and its chilled out vibe.

Of course, Bondi and Manly are not the only beach areas you can visit, as there are countless others besides. You could head to Tamarama, Bronte or Clovelly, these are all beautiful beaches to check out, or you could put on your comfortable walking shoes and venture across the Bondi to Coogee Coastal Walk, where you will see some of the most breath-taking scenery for miles – the fact you are so close to such a huge urban metropolis will seem completely baffling to you!

Freshwater is another surfing beach, very close to Manly, whilst Maroubra and Cronulla are two beaches which take surfing to a very high level indeed. Put simply, you can venture out to several beaches and explore to your heart’s content, or you can pick your favourite and dedicate your beach time there. The choice is yours, but don’t forget the city-based activities that Sydney is famous for too!

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