10 Things Every Female Traveler Should Know


Women are just as capable, smart, and savvy as men, if not more so! However, we still face different challenges than men on the road. Due to this, there are different things we need to look out for and be aware of. Below are some great tips to keep you safe on your trip and make sure you have the best time ever.

1. Embracing your natural beauty: While on the road you’re not going to have access to all your typical products and accessories. Quite frankly, you won’t even want to be bothered with makeup as you’re off on your adventures! This is the time to fully love your natural beautiful self.

2. Trust your instincts: If you feel like you’re in a bad situation or in danger, listen to yourself. Female intuition is a real thing so embrace it and listen to it.

3. A big scarf is your best friend: It will keep you warm on chilly bus rides, it will block out light when you’re trying to take a nap or serve as the best pillow and you will look stylish wearing it in cold cities!

4. Confidence is key: Not only will this be the best way to make friends but looking and acting confident will help keep you safe. If you look like you know what you’re doing and where you’re going, you will be left alone.

5. For now, heels are not your friend: A lot of love them, but not when you’re walking around new places 10 hours each day. Leave them at home!

6. Traveling with friends is tricky: You can love them to the moon and back but it doesn’t matter traveling with your bffs will be easy. Getting everyone on the same page can be hard and the little things that bother you can be amplified. So….

7. Travel solo: Because it really is amazing. Especially if you go in the off-season you’ll basically only find other solo travelers. This means you’re never lonely, always have a drinking buddy, never lacking to find someone to explore with and can always do exactly what you want to do, when you want to.

8. It’s okay to be scared: This is how you’re going to make the best memories. The feeling after accomplishing something you were terrified to do is like nothing else you will ever feel. Go for it, always.

9. If you can’t carry it, it’s too much: You’re going to be dragging that backpack around with you every few days as you switch cities. If it’s hard to pick up on the first day, it’s only going to feel ten times heavier as your trip goes on. Pack less!

10. You will fall in love: With a person, a city, and a culture. You can be sure that along this journey you’re going to fall in love and find new places in your heart to hold these special people and places.

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