Packing for “Girly-Girls”

Packing for “Girly-Girls”

Maybe we have this idea of travelers as being rough, down-to- earth hippies or earth lovers who don’t care about make up or material things. True, this is some people. But not all! There are plenty of us out there who, whether we’re on the road or not, enjoy getting dolled up and don’t want to sacrifice that in order to travel. Believe it or not, you don’t have to. It may not be the exact same as when you’re at home and have your full arsenal of products at your disposal but it’s still possible to pack your bag in a way that will keep you feeling like yourself during your travels.


While packing for style is a priority so is packing for safety. It will be necessary to bring a pair of boots for any outdoor activity to be sure you don’t end up with a sprained ankle or worse during any hiking or horseback riding. In order to save space it’s a good idea to buy a pair that can be worn in the city as well. These are the ones you’ll want to wear on the plane as well since they will be your heaviest.

For hikes that are a bit less difficult you could wear running shoes which can be quite stylish. If you plan to be in warmer climates then make sure to have one pair of flip flops (you’ll especially want these in hostel showers!) and also a dressy pair to wear at night.

Large Plastic Bags

These are great for separating your clothing. I’m sure you’ll be bringing along some of your favorite clothes so you can look your best in all the places you’ll be visiting. The worst is if your nice clothes start to smell like your dirty socks that you’ve also got in your bag. To avoid this, keep your clothes in separate zippered bags.

Pack your Worst Clothes As Well

You’ll likely be doing some shopping while on the road so it’s a good idea to bring some of your older t shirts and clothes that you don’t want anymore. That way once you wear them you can donate them wherever you are. This makes space in your bag and also helps avoid making your bag quite stinky!

Travel Towel

These are a lifesaver. Some hostels will have towels but you will usually have to pay. It’s much better to have your own but make sure it’s a quick drying one. There’s nothing worse than carrying a damp towel in your bag.

Accessories and Makeup

Us girly-girls are not ones to go without these things and there’s no reason we should have to. It’s completely feasible to still bring some makeup and your must-have accessories and products to keep your hair manageable. However, it is important to be realistic and bring only what you truly need.

On You Go!

This list should help with your packing and show you that it’s completely possible to maintain your girly ways while on the road. But the best part, you’ll probably be enjoying your adventures so much anyways that your looks will be far from your mind.

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